Worldwide business email database from 80 countries

15 million fresh 2020 business opt-in email list

All email database we provide are opt-in (Email list we provide is having permission from recipients to receive newsletter or advertisements).

Marketing Strategies Ltd is a trusted provider of mailing lists including business mailing lists that are affordable. We offer you fresh direct business mailing lists to satisfy virtually any email marketing or telemarketing need. Our Email Database provides you the access to the most updated and quality email lists on the market today.

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Email Database: Countries included in this package

Our email list contains the following countries. Kindly contact us to know more about specific category before you buy. Total 84 countries list available.

Countries with full details

USA Business List: 8 Million
Canadian Business List: 400,000
UK Business List: 300,000
China Business List: 1 Million
Australia Business List: 220,000
France Business List: 100,000
Germany Business List: 200,000
Japan Business List: 1 Million
New Zealand Business List: 100,000
South Korea Business List: 150,000
UAE Business List: 500,000
India Business List: 1 Million

Other Countries with email address only
Albania: 15,080
American Samoa: 2,249
Andora: 87
Angola: 61
Anguilla: 34
Antigua and Barbuda: 287
Argentina: 64,547
Armenia: 4,260
Ascension Island: 365
Azerbaijan: 3,023
Bahamas: 1,853
Belarus: 698
Belgium: 55,816
Benin: 11,100
Bermuda: 431
Bolivia: 1,460
Botswana: 1,555
Brazil: 114,500
Brunei: 255
Cayman Islands: 4,789
Chile: 6,769
Colombia: 10,992
Combodia: 450
Congo: 310
Costarica: 1,718
Czechoslovakia: 14,362
Denmark: 50,200
Ecuador: 17,558
Egypt: 8,735
Finland: 1,075,651
Ghana: 28
Greece: 56,000
Honduras: 14,220
Hongkong: 21,700
Hungary: 57,460
Iceland: 37,770
Indonesia: 4,117
Ireland: 26,150
Israel: 16,321
Italy: 800,000
Latvia: 1,246
Lithuania: 1,671
Luxembourg: 724
Malaysia: 7,500
Mauritius: 417
Mexico: 11,200
Namibia: 193
Netherlands: 31,000
Nepal: 630
Netherlands Antilles: 28,100
Nigeria: 105
Norway: 28,162
Pakistan: 3,650
Paraguay: 220
Poland: 12,290
Portugal: 13,570
Rumania: 727
Russia: 25,550
SaintHelena: 646
Singapore: 64,935
South Africa: 17,700
Spain: 500,000
Sudan: 1,174
Sweden: 175,000
Switzerland: 300,000
Taiwan: 132,100
Thailand: 3,678
Turkey: 367,230
Ukrain: 2,538
Vietnam: 257,287
Zambia: 120
Zimbabwe: 325

Email Database: Categories
Email database contains the following categories from different countries.
Business Emails, Accountants, Architects, Construction, Churches, Attorneys, Financial Planners, Hotels, Insurance Agents, Manufacturers, Media Agents, Real Estate Agents and Land Developers, Restaurants, Schools, IT Consultants, Doctor and Hospitals, Banks etc.

Regarding license and refunds
1. This data is allowed for your own use only. Not for resale.
2. If you are receiving boucnes kindly contact us back and we will replace the bad data with new ones.
3. We recommend you to contact us and ask for samples before you make payment.
4. We are not providing refunds once data is delivered.

Need a customized list?
Are you looking for a customized email list of specific sector. We recommend you to contact us and we will collect and deliver the list according to your requirement. We have an efficient team to collect and deliver the email address from any country related to any sector.

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